SAML Assertion Inline Hook

Hi there,

I’m trying to configure an Inline Hook to add “SessionNotOnOrAfter” to “AuthnStatement”.
Currently, the AuthnStatement looks like this:


Currently, our web server for the inline hook returns this JSON, but we are getting an error message in the Okta logs saying that the value is incorrect.

                  "AuthnStatement":"\"AuthnInstant=\"2020-05-05T16:02:49.580Z\" SessionIndex=\"idxxx.x\" SessionNotOnOrAfter=2020-12-12T16:02:49.580Z xmlns:saml2=\"urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:assertion\""

What JSON are we supposed to return in order to add the attribute SessionNotOnOrAfter to the AuthnStatement? I have tried with “add” and “replace” and multiple claims combinations without luck. CC @dragos or any other dev engineer with experience with SAML Inline hooks.

Thank you!!

Haven’t tried personally, but I’d go with op: add for path: /authentication/<your_attribute>

Same issue. :cry: Invalid path(op=add, path=/authentication/SessionNotOnOrAfter)