SAML integration with OKTA

I need to integrate OKTA SSO using SAML, in an ASP.NET web form application. Need input for the code changes which will required to be done in the ASP.NET web form application to accommodate the OKTA SSO using SAML

Hi @mandeepjangra87

You can use to implement Okta SSO via SAML in ASP.NET. Please check out the samples provided in the repository.

Hi Dragos
Thanks for the reply. This example only includes the web config changes. Also following are my requirements:

  • the application will be accessed by both internal as well as external users. So we are thinking of having two okta accounts one having internal users and one having external users details. So OKTA will act as 2 IDP’s one for internal and one for exteranl.

I need to know how to do this in WEB FORM application. How to have 2 IDP’s configuration in web form application. I can think of having an extra field on the login page which will have external/internal option with username and password and then in the code on the basis of internal external field value I can decide on which IDP i need to use.

But how to configure 2 idp’s which is OKTA itself. And sample examples are not available.
I am looking for both ways SAML as well as OpenID connect with Oauth.

Can you help me out with this?