SAML Login page cannot accept POST

Hi there,

We are developing a SAML integration to add to the application store, and leveraging Google Identity Platform as the SAML application. Everything works correctly when doing a SP initiated login, but trying to build the application integration from Okta’s end runs into trouble. This is because we don’t have direct access to what the POST SSO URL login is. The flow is that we set up the Provider within Google Identity platform, and when we are ready to initiate the login flow, we send up that provider’s ID and wait for the callback. With other Identity providers, we have just provided something like and grab the saml.okta from the query param, and initiate the login flow. However when we try to do that in the application here, it tries to directly initiate the login flow at which doesn’t accept POSTs. Is there a way to only define a URL that the application will direct to, and let the SP handle the authentication from there? We are looking to add the integration to the Application catalog in order to simplify the process for customers.

Thanks for your time and help.