SCIM 2.0 Certification Import


I am trying create new SCIM 2.0 Test App (Basic App) app to integrate with custom API that can support CURD operation. My doubt is on the steps that I should follow to import the Client certificate, that is going to be used for Handshake during Test API Credentials activity in “Enable API Integration” section.

I don’t believe it’s supported. But I let Okta team to respond. You may need to have a valid publicly trusted SSL certificate installed on the SCIM server

@phi1ipp Thanks for the response. If import certificate is not supported, then how the secure connection can be established with Basic Authentication. We can wait till OKTA team response further on this thread.

Basic Authentication does not have anything in common with SSL. It’s about sending a base64 of your username:password combination to a server -

@phi1ipp Thanks. Sorry for confusion, I meant that my requirement is to have secure connection along with Basic Authentication. Currently struck with establishing secure connection between OKTA admin and SCIM Application.