SCIM 2.0 test integration throwing an error "Error authenticating: No results for users returned" in globalerrors

I have configured the backend application on the cloud Version 2.0 of the SCIM specification and HTTP header authentication. However, I am getting “Error authenticating: No results for users returned” in global errors after running the Test API credential.

  1. First thing, I’m not 100% sure the value of the “Base URL” field is to be inserted at the test connector configuration. The confusion is because don’t know what okta is hitting
    Example: https// or just without scim/v2/Users

  2. Unable to get the full logs in System Log admin web view due to which can’t debug or find out the root cause of the issue.

  3. If I configured the base URL I got an error “application.integration.authentication_failure” sometimes

I tested deploying the SCIM v1 and v2 both API implementations but no luck


If your users endpoint on the SCIM server is https// and the groups is https// then in the Okta configuration you would supply https//
Okta will add /Users or /Groups when accessing the server.

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