SCIM - change username, not reflected in later scim calls

So I have a SCIM provisioned app. All end points and calls work wonderfully.

But if you log into the okta portal and change the username and email field the following happens.

  • The new username is reflected in the okta portal.
  • The new username hits our SCIM server and we update the username.
  • All subsequent SCIM changes, like changing name, or altering push groupsā€¦ send the old username :frowning:

@tom or @mraible or any devs know anything about this? Sorry Im desperate we are suppose to release to PROD in 8 hours. thanks:)

So it looks like, when you do a username change it sends a patch groupsā€¦ that has the value of the old username for lookup and a display field that we are suppose to store internally and use as an alias?!

I got an alias system working in our app that handles the Okta username not changing but allowing emails to change. Anybody who sees this lemme know if you want help with updating users email addresses through SCIM.