SCIM deprovision delete request not sending email


Sometimes when a user is unassigned from the application that SCIM configured. Okta not sending the user’s email address which normally sends it through.

Here is the put request:


Normally it should be like:


But it’s not common, It seems just happening for a case. Can you help me with this?


Could you take a look at the OKTA system logs for any email-related events for this user? Let’s see if there were any problems with their username, domain, or email service provider.

We need to check if the email got stuck midway or if it never got sent in the first place.

it might be a good idea to open a support case with Okta Support team for some more hands-on assistance with the email events.


Hi Krisha,

Thanks for the bits of advice.

Upon checking logs:


Normally other logs that perfectly working have email left on the AppUser. I think this might be the clue.

Thanks again.

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