Security in Okta

Can we insert multiple users in bulk into Okta’s native directory through Okta api. I assume Okta native directory means a Okta database where they store the users information.

Which are the required fields , I need to send to Okta for adding user in Okta System?
What kind of security Okta provides, How can I trust my users information is secure in Okta System, and this will never get misused any way.

Yes, you can create & manage users via the Users API. You can extend the User Schema in the Admin UI via going to People->Profile Editor or via the API. The required user profile attributes are documented here.

Okta have invested a lot into making our service secure. We are SOC 2, ISO, FedRamp, and HIPAA certified. You can read more about how we secure our solution in our security whitepaper