Showing invalid credentials after login to okta

I have used okta saml 2.0 and spring boot 3.My code runs perfect on local environment.but with same configuration and only changing required URLs when deployed on dev server,it shows invalid credentials after entering okta username and password and not redirects to required page.Pl help me.

Could you check the OKTA system logs for any errors for that application you have configured?

You would also need to ensure that authentication policies, trusted origins, user access and other aspects are identical between your developer config and local config.


Hello Madam,
Thanks for the replying.issue what we noticed is in the SAML request,ACS and issuer url is going as http whereas we have set all url as https in okta dashboard.we have not set these ACS and issuer url anywhere in application.
Pl suggest
Thanks & Regards
Ajay wani

In the spring boot logs it shows audience restriction validation issue.and in okta log in saml request this url is going as http and in okta account it is set as https