Question about logs in okta to help debug

I am new to using Okta. I have registered as an user for the free trial. I have added my java based web application. My need is to add SSO using OKTA in my java web app. I use Spring Security SAML extension for this need. I configured my app in OKTA and when I try to login using SP initiated login, it correctly sends authentication request to OKTA instance and when I log in using my OKTA credentials, it tries to send probably Assertion Response, but on the other side it is not received (probably) and hence I see some kind of looping occurring between them going back & forth and after some time it gives up.

I do see on the java side log for my application that “HttpSession returned null object for SPRING_SECURITY_CONTEXT”. That is reported by one of Spring Security classes and that tells me that may be on OKTA side the credential details are not persisted for some reason ( though I have successfully logged on to OKTA).

I want to debug on Okta side what is going on. I do not think System log available in OKTA is helpful in telling what is happening when Assertion Response is sent from Okta and why the Authentication Request keeps coming to Okta again and again ( why credentials are not persisted in the context that is sent to my web app as part of assertion response) . I looked at reports option and I do not find anything that will help me there either. How do I get to see the details of this kind of transmission and find out where and why it fails. Thanks for pointing me to the right direction.

Hey Vijay,
Matt Raible wrote created an example and blog post that walks through setting everything up.
Github repo:
Blog post:

It might help if you walked through this example with your Okta Org and either reproduce it or see what is different. From there we should be able to point you in the right direction.

Keep us posted!