Sign in: Okta-hosted or custom-hosted? How much can we customize the Okta-hosted sign-in page?

There are 2 things we are considering:

  1. Okta-hosted or custom-hosted: from security perspective and easy to maintenance, Okta hosted Maybe better?
  2. If we go Okta hosted, How far can we go with sign-in looks customization? Is it possible to create any kind of complex okta-hosted sign in page with layout/theme etc.? Any limitation?
    Thanks in advance!

Hey there! Each definitely has their own pros and cons of course, it just depends on the level of effort you are looking for. Okta hosted (i.e. redirect to Okta) takes a lot of the work, pressure, etc. of the developers hands, but it is only so customizable. The following you give you a better idea as to what’s possible:

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