Sign-In Widget - How Can I Change the Password Reset Flow?

For the following, assume that MFA is required for the end-user.

We are using the angular version of the self-hosted sign-in widget.

In the password reset flow, the default behavior when the recovery challenge method is SMS is that after the end-user provides their new password (see Screenshot 1), they are then prompted for their MFA (see Screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Is it possible to intercept the flow so that we can replace Screenshot 2 with a custom view?

Are you trying to break out of the flow where the user does not need to enter their SMS code?
If so the user will not be authenticated at that point.

The widget does provide an afterRender callback where you can check on the current controller and then make any html modifications you wish.

The Widget code is open source, so it can be forked and modified to fit your flow requirements.