Widget - Vue: Callback on Render?

When the Sign-In widget is mounted and rendered successfully need to apply an update. Wanting inserting a message under the H2 title element. Is there a way to achieve this?

Looking to resolve through vue event hooks or something from the sign-in widget.

Hi there. Specifically what you’re looking to do - I don’t see a way to do it without touching the DOM, which isn’t very Vue-like. You may be able to get creative, however, with the Okta widget customization to achieve a comparable result. Take a look at this doc for ways to style the widget:

Hello Cale, Yes you are right about attempting do this through Vue is not the path i should be taking. However, it is quite aggravating that the Sign-In widget provides a title text but not a simple follow up message option beneath for the user flow. Thank you for your reply. Hopefully this is a roadmap item.