Sign-out Redirect URI seemingly ignored

I’ve checked a few similar threads but nothing has come up. To sign out of Okta app, which is a Django server, I’m redirecting users to https://<okta-org>/oauth2/default/v1/logout?id_token_hint=id_token. This works just fine, and the user is signed out. However, the redirect URI that I have provided for the app is seemingly ignored, and instead, on logout, the users are redirected to https://<okta-org>/login/login.htm.

I have made sure to add http://localhost:8000 to the Trusted Origins list, with both CORS and Redirect types.

Not sure what else I’m missing? I tried to add it as a URL paramater, but upon logging out, was provided a link to add the redirect URI ^ there instead.

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@rchristian Are you working on a Django application?
If yes, you may try the sample and see if sign out works/

Yes, and actually, I had already been using that sample. Appending &post_logout_redirect_uri=uri as shown in that repo results in this error page appearing, telling me to set that via Okta settings instead.

Hence the struggle here.

What’s the value set to the post_logout_redirect_uri from the url bar when you land on this error page?

Just testing on a localhost app right now, so &post_logout_redirect_uri=http://localhost:8000/cmdb/login, same as it is online with the “Sign-out redirect URIs”.

Would an invalid token still sign the user out? I wonder if I’m messing that up in some way (though it looks fine), and it doesn’t link back to the correct application to find the sign-out redirect? Not sure

Huh, so apparently I had my &post_logout_redirect_uri set to http://localhost:8000/cmdb, so missing the final /login. Upon adding that, the redirect works just fine. Really weird, but I think it works! I’ll mark this as the solution if I don’t find an issue with it in a couple hours.

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