Simple webservice with Okta

I try to do a very simple webservice without a front-end application. Is there any documentation about that ? I have found nothing.

My goal is to register once with the default okta login page, and then do requests inside my desktop app. But the only documentation I have found ask to create a web page on the front and back end, and I don’t want that.

Am I totally wrong or is it possible ? To be honnest I am new to these subjects.

I thank you in advance.

You could create a REST API and secure it with Okta using something like our Spring Boot Starter or JWT Verifier. You’ll still need a way to get an access token in your desktop app to pass to your API. What technologies are you using to build everything?

I thank you for the reply.
I want to create an app with Unity that can fetch some data on our server. So server side I use visual studio in ASP.NET 4x, and front side I use Unity (c#). It will deploy either on windows, on webgl or on iOS.
Does it answer your question ?

Hi @Btn,

You can check out our ASP.NET Web API 4.x sample here:

Also, if you want step-by-step instructions you can also check out our new guide:

Let me know if this helps.