Single logout doesn't logout from other applications


I’ve 2 applications app1 and app2

What I’m trying to do is implementing Single Logout in my apps
(If I logout from app1 then it should logout from app2 as well)

I tried calling this API : GET https://{baseUrl}/logout?id_token_hint=${id_token}&post_logout_redirect_uri=${post_logout_redirect_uri}&state=${state}
from Configure Single Logout in app integrations | Okta

Also try signout method from okta-angular package

In both ways it logout from app1 and okta or app2 and okta but not from both app1 and app2

Please let me know if there’s any other API or something is available which I can use to logout from multiple applications ?



we can use /api/v1/users/{userId}/sessions – to logout user globally.

I’ve tried this API but it is also logout from app and okta only but not with all other applications
Other apps can still use existing session even after okta is logged out