SSO to SP via API

I am trying to figure out how to initiate a SSO request from my Okta application to my SP via a RESTful API call. The end goal is to be able to see the response from the SP.

The flow I am imagining is as follows:

RESTful call --> Okta Application --> SP

Is this possible?

Hi Chris,

Please can you explain a little more what you mean by your Okta Application?


Hey James,

The Okta application I am referencing is the same one that I use to perform SSO to my service provider. There is extensive documentation on how to make API calls to access features on your Okta applications such as adding users or groups, but I have not seen any documentation on how to do what I am asking in my initial question.


You can use the Apps API to get the list of applications assigned for a user:

If it is a SAML enabled application, you could get the link from the href section and use that to SSO into your SP. It will however redirect authentication to your okta org.