Sub, email or name missing in App Publising - Code Review

Hello Okta Team,

Our published app is in the Code Review State. But our reviewer cannot access our application. The application successfully gets the Authorization Code, after the app uses the code to exchange for the OIDC info which includes the id_token. The app decodes the id_token to retrieve user information. Our system needs 3 fields in order to work: sub, email, and name, but one or more of those fields are missing.

Our application run successfully when we developed it in the dev org environment (we see the 3 fields after decoding the id_token from Okta dev org), also note that the app has passed the first state - Initial Review.

Please help me with this. Thank you!

What scopes is your application requesting?
To get those claims it needs to request the below 3

  • openid
  • profile
  • email

You might want to verify in your Okta Org logs what is being requested.

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