Success On Failure, how can I fix this?

According to the OKTA logs, everything is working fine as seen below:

However, when I try this out I get the following:

It looks like I’m experiencing success and failure at the same time.
I’m am aware that the standard solution for fixing the 400 issue is to make sure that these values

are the same values that I’m using in my code, and these are the values that I’m using.

In the web server logs I see this:

INFO:     Started server process [26196]
INFO:     Waiting for application startup.
INFO:     Application startup complete.
INFO:     Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)
INFO: - "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 OK
INFO: - "GET /sign-in HTTP/1.1" 302 Found

But I never see the any lines about the callback URL.

What have I done incorrectly and how can I fix it?

hey @peteletkemanrakuten, can you verify that your redirect uri configured in your code is configured to match the redirect uri in the client within Okta?

I was able to solve this and the issue was with my redirect

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