Terraform API integration permissions issue

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I’m following this guide to enable Terraform access for a Workforce Cloud Identity Developer Edition organisation and I consistently get a 403 error from the create group endpoint, with the message

failed to create group: the API returned an error: You do not have permission to perform the requested action

Authentication works fine: I grabbed the token from the debug output of the terraform apply command and can e.g. get the list of existing groups.

Any help would be appreciated! :pray:

Could you attempt to assign a Super Admin role to the Service Application you utilized with Terraform? If not, you can also configure and use an OKTA_API_TOKEN. Instructions can be found at Enable Terraform access for your Okta org | Okta Developer"

Hi Krishna!

Thanks for getting back to me! Assigning Organization Administrator role fixed the issue! I’d expect Group Administrator to be sufficient though, as per the guide: Enable Terraform access for your Okta org | Okta Developer

Should the guide be updated? Happy to open a PR if that’s the case :slight_smile:

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