To create AD account ahead of joining date

If there is requirement to create user profile in Okta from HR/Authoritative source 2 days in advance and create AD account in disabled status, how we can achieve this in Okta? does it require Okta workflow implementation or if this can be achieved through any other configuration?

What about not sending the activation email to them automatically when they are imported from AD into Okta? Would that work for your needs?

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Thanks @andrea . In our case, Authoritative source (profile source) is workday and we would want to create AD account when record is pulled into Okta from HR source on 2 days in advance for “pre-hire event”. At this time AD account has to be in “Disabled” state and we will enable AD account on actually joining date schedule. How can we achieve this in Okta? We can implement such requirement in other IGA tool such as SailPoint with workflow and rules.