Token Relay to Service


Anyone get token relay to service works for the samples in Jimena Garbarino " OAuth 2.0 Patterns with Spring Cloud Gateway"?

“OpenID Connect Authentication” works for me, I try to get the second sample working, it seems it cannot router the service call to the cart service. I can see the gateway 8080 received the request sent from postman. Nothing error out, it is just api in cart service does not get called.

Her post link is here

Did you copy/paste the code or did you clone the GitHub code? GitHub - oktadeveloper/okta-spring-cloud-gateway-example

I clone the code. it does not work at beginning. I add my okta info the yaml file in api-gateway project to make it work. So, api_gateway works now but router to tge cart-service does not work. attached is the my yaml file in api-gateway

The issue is I can see the api-gateway received the correct request sent by me. but the request is not routed to cart-service. no errors are logged. Look like no response. Don’t know what’s issue.

the RouteLocator bean annotated in ap-gateway.
Same code as the sample code in github