OAuth 2.0 Patterns with Spring Cloud Gateway

OAuth 2.0 Patterns with Spring Cloud Gateway

Tutorial: Learn how to implement real world use cases with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Gateway.

Karthik Bashyam

Nice post. How to implement token exchange pattern using spring security?


@Jimena Garbarino:
It this post still relevant with latest/future release of Spring Security :
Thanks in advance for you feedback

i trying am trying to use this pattern, and running into an issue with proxy
Our. application require the use of a proxy to access the internet
I have followed the first part of the pattern

  1. implemented the eurka server
  2. implemented the api-gateway with greeting.html

i can access greeting.html, get redirected to login, get redirect back w/ the code
But when the call is made to back to okta, it is done w/o a proxy

I have used
Springframework Boot 2.6.4
Springframework Cloud 3.1.0
and org.springframework:spring-web:5.3.15

I have tried

  • proxy.host in properties
  • https.proxyHost in properties
  • -Dhttps.proxyHost= in command line

Any suggestions?

Hi @sohail.m.hussain
There is an existing issue where WebFlux based servers (i.e. Spring Cloud Gateway) don’t pick up the proxy settings:

There is some information in that issue you might find useful.