Token validation in Ruby on Rails


I have the vue.js SPA + ruby on rails API with devise for authetication. I have to prepare okta SSO integration for one of the clients.

  1. By now I have vue.js SPA where I can authenticate user with Okta successfully. And now I want to authenticate my resource server (Ruby on Rails) so I have to validate the token on my backend.

I’ve tried something similar to: Auth0 Ruby On Rails API SDK Quickstarts: Authentication
By I get the error:
{"errorCode":"E0000008","errorSummary":"The requested path was not found","errorLink":"E0000008","errorId":"oaeWmFGI1A0QBSzvu9ZwfI9UQ","errorCauses":[]}

Does anyone have an idea what could be the reason for this? or have working examples in ruby?

  1. Can I make a call to my api with token from okta, verify it and then sign_in user with devise or maybe it is a bad practice and it’s better to repeat okta token validation?

I would be very grateful for any help.


What are you using as your issuer?

I am using ‘

Try using this sample app as a guide instead: GitHub - oktadeveloper/okta-ruby-rails6-crud-sample