Top 10 Visual Studio Code Extensions for Node.js

Top 10 Visual Studio Code Extensions for Node.js

Our recommendations for the essential Visual Studio Code extensions for Node.js developers.

Gilbert Diaz

This is great. Thanks David!

Vijay Pawar


Henning Dieterichs

Have a look at the vscode extension for easy-attach that makes attaching to nodejs processes as easy as possible!

Alexandre Mattos

Great job!!!


what theme are you using for the path and => hightlighting?

David Neal

Hi @disqus_xy8PWAO0Ts:disqus!

I’m using the Cobalt2 color theme from Wes Bos, the “Fira Code” font, and I have font ligatures enabled (Settings -> Editor: Font Ligatures). Hope this helps!

Aung Thiha


Danilo Dionisia

Very good!

Rodolfo Davis

Express.js is the backend part of MEAN and manages routing, sessions, HTTP requests, error handling, etc. The framework is armed with a vast JavaScript library that helps programmers build efficient and fast web apps. In short, Express.js enhances the functionality of the node.JS by making the programming part effortless and adding a number of great features.


I prefer to use Codelobster IDE for node.js development -…

Maybe you will also like the VSCode extension “Blockman”. It highlights nested code blocks based on curly/square/round brackets, html/xml tags and Python/Yaml indentation. (I am the author of Blockman).