Visual Studio 2019 Tips and Tricks

Visual Studio 2019 Tips and Tricks

This post explores the additional setup you need to take full adventage of the new options in Visual Studio 2019.


Solution filter seems the most fun.


Thank you for the sharing good knowledge and information about ASP.NET its very helpful and understanding… as we are looking for this information since long time.

Jon Pawley

I like the “Enable navigation to decompiled sources (experimental)” option, but I’ve noticed that each time I use Visual Studio, and use this feature, i am presented with a dialod that says

Microsoft Visual Studio
IMPORTANT: Visual Studio includes decompiling functionality (“Decompiler”) that enables reproducing source code from binary code. By accessing and using the Decompiler, you agree to the Visual Studio license terms and the terms for the Decompiler below. If you do not agree with these combined terms, do not access or use the Decompiler.

You acknowledge that binary code and source code might be protected by copyright and trademark laws. Before using the Decompiler on any binary code, you need to first:

(i) confirm that the license terms governing your use of the binary code do not contain a provision which prohibits you from decompiling the software; or

(ii) obtain permission to decompile the binary code from the owner of the software.

Your use of the Decompiler is optional. Microsoft is not responsible and disclaims all liability for your use of the Decompiler that violates any laws or any software license terms which prohibit decompiling of the software.

I agree to all of the foregoing:
Yes No

I mean, I know that MS needs to ensure no one’s IP is being violated, but do you know a way of stopping this dialog being shown each day??

Great blog, Steve, love the show.

sri talpade

Great post, I am looking for that information and i leaned a lot of new things from your blog. I used this into my file project so thanks for sharing with us. Keep writing

Martin Jovanović

Please… do you know of any way to load multiple projects in one solution? For example if you have students’ homeworks uploaded, and you have say a hundred of them, how to import all of them (say like import all the projects within a specified folder)? For example in Eclipse this is a breeze, you just point to the folder and it finds all projects inside. I don’t understand how this is not by default possible in Visual Studio…


How to unload files and edit the contents of the project?