Troubleshoot password import inline hook

I have imported some users into Okta with a Password Import Inline Hook in place.

Is there any way to troubleshoot my setup? I expected to see calls from Okta to my hook implementation when a migrated user tries to login the first time. But unfortunately, the user gets 401, and on the hooks side no incoming calls.
In System logs, I can see matching events (eventType eq “inline_hook.executed”) but all of them failed, but no detailed information is exposed. How can I proceed here?

Found some similar questions which gave me the hint the failing SSL verification could be the cause.
Right now my endpoint only has a self-signed Cert for development purposes.

Does Okta need a legit SSL certificate for the Password Import Inline Hook or is there a way to bypass this?

That is my experience as well.

For development purposes, I run my code locally and use ngrok so Okta can access it.

@warren can you go a little bit more into detail and explain your approach with ngork? Never used this tool.

I have a simple python flask server running on http://localhost:8080.

I use ngrok to generate a public url (ngrok http 8080) which will look something like I think the certificate is from a CA so maybe that’s why Okta isn’t complaining.

I’m sure you’ll find more information on google. Gonna avoid posting links to it so I don’t get banned for advertising (hide :see_no_evil:)

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Absolutely fine.
I found it and its docs are super helpful. After just some trial and error I have it up and running and now those Okta requests reach my local system.

Many many appreciations for this hint.

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