General OpenSslEngine problem when calling an Inline Hook


I am developing a SAML inlinke Hooks on my dev tenant. I was surprised to see that only https url were allowed to call an API when registering an inline hook.
So I generated a self-signed certificate, and change my nodejs express application to expose an https route.

I conducted more tests and now I get the following error: “execution failed. General OpenSslEngine problem”

Is it related to the fact that it is self-signed? Is there a way to actually DEVELOP something and test before going into production?

Thanks and regards.

You definitely can’t have a self-signed cert on an endpoint you are trying to have Okta make outbound calls to. We must recognize the CA for the cert issued to your domain.

Why not get a proper cert (even a free one from Lets Encrypt) for the domain/endpoint you are using?

Because I am in DEVELOPMENT time. The code is on MY local machine.
And for big companies, getting a proper certificate is a long process, which costs money.

The fact that on a DEV tenant, it’s not possible, is absurd and shows the product team is unaware of the reality of interfacing with Okta.

While you can’t use a domain with a self-signed cert, you should be able to use a tool like ngrok to host an endpoint being run locally so that Okta can access it. See if you can give that a shot!

Thanks, the thing is it does not propose https for free. And when you work in a big company, purchasing anything is a long process.