Umbraco Integration with Okta

Hi Team,

Could you please provide us the steps or resources to integrate Okta SSO for our Umbraco site?

Mukund. M

Hi @Mukund_Mukkunda,
Did you managed to implement okta sso for umbraco?

@Mukund_Mukkunda Hi, Can you please refer the below article? Let me know if this is something you are looking for.

Also, please take a look of the code. It might help you.

Hi @Lijia,
I tried implementing this and managed to get SAML response back from okta but struggling to authenticate user from the saml response.

@pragnesh Regarding to the specific SAML issue, you can open a support ticket through an email to One of our Technical Support Engineers will take the case and assist you in narrowing down the cause of the issue. Thanks