Unable to Add Claims - Default Authorisation Server


Good Morning

I am trying to configure Okta in My company

I need to configure some claims the default authorisation server

I don’t need to create a new one

Just update the default

But for some reason the Authorization Server Tab didn’t appear :frowning:

Is the a specific permission ?


If you do not see the Authorization Server tab under Security → API, the Okta org you are using likely does not have the required API Access Management license. While this feature is enabled for Developer orgs by default, so that you can build applications for various use cases, this is a paid feature in production orgs.

You will want to reach out to your Okta Account Manager to get information about the pricing to get this feature added. Here is our general pricing page about it for reference: https://www.okta.com/pricing/#it-api-access-management

I am able to use the default one ? ‘api://default’,
Or even that is not possible ?

The one called ‘Default’ is actually a custom authorization server, so no, you cannot use it without the API Access Management feature or in an org that otherwise is allowed to use it.

Without this feature, the only authorization server you can use is the Org one, which does not support the ability to create custom claims, scopes, or access policies and will not work in certain use cases. More details here:
Difference between Okta as an Authorization Server vs Custom Authorization Server | Okta Help Center