Dynamic client registration with custom authorization server

Hey folks,

I’m seeking help to understand how to dynamically register a client (Dynamic Client Registration | Okta Developer) with an okta custom authorization server more specifically how does the api path look like in that case.

I have tried a POST request “https://{Okta_Base_Url}/oauth2/v1/clients” which gives 403 even though the required access is there so I guess this works for default server but not with a custom one.

If I use https://{Okta_Base_Url}/oauth2/${custom_auth_serverId}v1/clients I get 405(endpoint doesn’t support http method). Can any one help me out here?

All Okta Management API endpoints use your first URL,

OIDC applications are not registered with custom authorization servers, but you can use a custom authorization when you access the application. As for the 403, are you using the request example you linked to? My first guess would be that the API token provided is invalid, or doesn’t have the correct permissions.

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