Can't create a custom Authorization Server

I want to create Custom Authorization Server in Okta developer account with the help of ( Java Api / Postman / SoupUI).
Please provide the guidelines step by step so it can be helpful for me.

Hello @ashish311patidar,

Please take a look at our API reference for Authz Server creation:

Thank you,
Andrei Hava
Developer Support Team

Hi AndreiiiH,

We have referred above link and tried to create Custom Authorization server but got below mentioned response. Also we have used below JSON object that mentioned in below URL.


curl -v -X POST \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: SSWS ${api_token}" \
-d '{ "name": "Sample Authorization Server",
      "description": "Sample Authorization Server description",
      "audiences": [
}' ""


    "errorCode": "E0000011",
    "errorSummary": "Invalid token provided",
    "errorLink": "E0000011",
    "errorId": "oaeqFH8YEFpQGyJuUUZxCTznQ",
    "errorCauses": []

Please help us to create Custom Authorization Server.

The Authorization Server API requires an API token like the other management APIs (Users, Groups, etc).

The above request worked fine for me in Postman after I created an API token for my org. Make sure you keep API tokens safe on your server, and don’t put them in frontend (JavaScript) code.

Just curious, why do you need to create a custom Authorization Server? I want to understand more about your use case.


Thank you Nate for your support,

I am able to create a custom Authorization Server successfully.

Now i want to add New Web Application with the help of Postman and i am using documents that are available on below link.

but not able to add new application and having some confusion about Request Parameters, Header Parameters and JSON body parameter.

Could you please provide sample Request for Add New Web Application? It would be helpful for us to get Client Id and Client secret with related information in Response Body.

Hi @ashish311patidar,

Take a look at the postman collections for “Apps” here -

You can see the request parameters and body that is used in “Add oauth2 client app” and use the same in your request.