Dynamic Client Registration via Okta Java SDK


We are working on a application/service which interacts with Okta via Okta Java SDK and OIDC/OAuth using Okta API scopes.

For the above to work, we have created Service application in Okta, using the Dynamic Client Registration API (Dynamic Client Registration | Okta Developer)

Is there a Okta Java SDK API for Dynamic Client Registration, for registering new client and updating existing client ? I tried to search the okta java docs but I could not find any api for oidc client. The intention is, I think we can rotate the JWKS on oidc client based on some schedule.


Have not checked if it’s exactly it, but it might be Client.createApplication() with application object configured according to Apps | Okta Developer

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Yes you could use Client.createApplication() or DefaultOIDCApplicationBuilder to create OIDC client, I went with the later.

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