Difference between Dynamic Client Registration API and Apps API

I’m unable to locate any documentation that describes the differences between these two APIs.

Does calling Dynamic Client Registration API create Applications?

When would I use one over the other?


The Dynamic Client Registration endpoint creates an OAuth2/OIDC application in Okta. It can only be used for these application types and does not return other attributes that are associated with Okta Apps in general (OAuth2/OIDC, SAML, SWA).

It mostly conforms to the contracts of:
RFC7591: OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration Protocol
OpenID Connect Dynamic Client Registration 1.0

The /apps API can also be used for OAuth2/OIDC applications as well as other application types. When creating/retrieving an OAuth2/OIDC application from the /apps endpoint the information from the dynamic clients endpoint will be embedded in the rest of the Okta application data.

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