Unable to configure okta config on my angular14 project

showing this error

my configuration

Have you tried our Sample application, It should work if you work your way up to your version.

Basically, I need to bind the okta credentials (i.e issuer,redirectUri,clientId,pkce) in run time because we have there will be one build, and that will deploy in different servers (like dev,qa,uat and pro) but tried several ways it did work.

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What version of @okta/okta-angular are you using? The latest version supports runtime configuration through the APP_INITIALIZER injection token. You can see an example in the readme here

I also have another longer post about runtime config loading on Blog | Okta Developer

If you can’t use the latest okta-angular version, you’ll need to fetch the configuration when the application bootstraps. This post explains how to go about doing this, and there’s a linked GitHub sample repo, too

Let us know if this doesn’t address your questions or if you encounter any other problems.
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