While integrating angular app with okta i am getting this error:-

Hey there @Rohit_mahesh!

Would you mind posting the Okta config you’re using in the app as well as how you pass it into the OktaAuthModule (so basically, I’m looking for a cleaned-up version of your app.module.ts.

It looks like maybe there’s a configuration issue.



Hey alisa,now its working in localhost but when i deploy the angular+okta in iis,once after logging in, it is not routing properly its stuck after :-" ?code=_GZgrC7IqMHJyeWeixm7iQ-lfOJX23-VMODL2r0Fi4s&state=9ZWA0swweCkNHr0oRhA4qJogM2DUOj8SKSK6lsyQsHgbWWBbT14IYuXN3yf3pdP3"
kindly do the needful…

Rohit M

Hey @Rohit_mahesh

When you say it works locally but not in prod, do you mean you deployed it to IIS on your local machine? Or that it works using ng serve?

You will need to configure IIS on prod. Angular has a deployment guide that walks you through how to do it

Also, you may want to check out this thread:

Keep us posted!

Hey @alisaduncan ,

I have made the proper config in iis in prod,when I deployed the angular it works fine, but angular with okta in prod iis it is not working it’s stuck at the callback. can it be firewall issue or url rewrite issue?

Please do the needful

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Rohit Mahesh