Okta+angular when deployed in iis it is not routing properly

It is working in localhost but when i deploy the angular+okta in iis in production server,once after logging in, it is not routing properly its stuck after " ?code=_GZgrC7IqMHJyeWeixm7iQ-lfOJX23-VMODL2r0Fi4s&state=9ZWA0swweCkNHr0oRhA4qJogM2DUOj8SKSK6lsyQsHgbWWBbT14IYuXN3yf3pdP3”. So after giving credentials and logging in ,it is stuck….
kindly do the needful…


Can you verify if the callback URL,


Is a route handled by the Angular app or by the backend IIS process?

If it is handled by the Angular app typically when SPA apps are deployed on a production server you need to use some sort of URL rewrite facility to redirect to the root since the callback URL is a logical route.

If this callback URL is handled by a backend .NET or some other web app would need to see if the server logs are showing any sort of errors and whether or not the /token call to your Okta Org is taking place.

Do you have a .har file you could provide?

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route handled by angular app and when it is deployed in production iis,i am getting 302 and 301 error.
The above image shows the error.

i am able to successfully sign in ,but unable to signout while clicking on signout(),
its flagging an error :-

Bad Request

Your request resulted in an error. The ‘post_logout_redirect_uri’ parameter"

In signin url-https://sam.com/devuiapp/login/callback
signout url:-https://sam.com/devuiapp/

Kindly do the needful

Rohit M