Unable to get to the chatapp on the localhost

Hi, the app display a login page on the localhost but unable to get to the video chat session on the localhost. please kindly help me out.

Hi @ciitbicgroup

Are you referring to the guide available here?

YES, Which i have followed through to login page, i insert all okta given values on the code but could not me login. please help me out

Hi @ciitbicgroup

Do you receive any errors in Okta or inside the browser console?


Hi @ciitbicgroup

When getting this error, you should see in the browser added a query parameter “redirect_uri”, for example


In my example above, the redirect_uri has the value https://localhost/samples/callback. Please check the URL on your end, copy the value and add it inside Okta >> Admin >> Applications >> your OIDC application >> General >> Login Redirect URIs section.