Unable to read okta headers in my JSP page


I have a web app registered in OKTA as SSWA app… As soon as I click icon, web page is redirected to my jsp page.
OKTA and my JSP application are in different domains. I have written a jsp to read all incoming headers. But I am unable to read any headers that are set by OKTA

Is there a way where I can read headers or cookie information that was set by OKTA in my JSP page. Please let me know.



What information do you need from Okta or are you expecting in the header? What are you doing with this information?

By ‘icon’, do you mean when the end-user clicks your application on their dashboard?

Usually headers are going to be set by the client, redirects on different domains (doing a GET or 302 to an application) won’t have cookies/headers set by Okta.