Unexpected internal error in .NET webforms sample

I am just starting out with Okta and downloaded the .NET web forms sample application. I modified the web.config with my clientID, secret, and domain. I also installed .NET 4.8. When I tried running the sample app, I entered my UserName and password and got the “There was an unexepected internal error… Please try again.” message. I tried setting break points, but apparently not in the right place(s). When setting up my application I did use the localhost:44314 in the URIs.

Could someone point me in the right direction as to what to do, or where to look? Thank you.

are there any specific errors from the authentication request that goes out to okta or does the application not reach that point?

No, it never gets to anywhere that I can determine to set a break point, just returns the error message as soon as I click the Sign In button. As far as I know, my email is actually what I entered for the Username when setting up my account (may not have been the right thing to do).


I downloaded the okta-aspnet-webforms-example sample application, and changed the domain to dev-1517110.okta.com (which is what I got when I registered) , clientId, and secret code.

I am using Windows 10, Visual Studio 2019, Chrome, .NET 4.8, and the localhost:44314.

So, given that environment and the modifications mentioned above, should I actually be able to run the sample app and sign in?


is this issue relevant for the problem you see with the custom-login sample?