Update SAML App certificate with Terraform

I found okta_app_saml resource is pretty useles without certificate managenet support.

  1. The same certificate can’t be copied to multiple SAML applications with Terraform.
  2. If a certificate is cloned with REST API, Terraform is restoring the old cert on the next apply.
  3. Even a signle Service provider certificate renewal with terraform is a problem. A new certificate needs to be generated and delivered to a service provider before it is activated in Okta. Which is impossible with Terraform, there is no activation.

Any plans to add SAML app certificate management to Terraform? Did anybody discover a workaround?

The above are valid use cases; however, maybe they are outside the scope of Terraform that Okta is building. Better ask them to the provider builders directly to see if you can get better recommendations.

Try creating an Post here in the discussions > GitHub - okta/terraform-provider-okta: Terraform Okta provider
You can also raise this at Okta Ideas.

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