Updating mapping from identity provider user profile to okta user profile

Hi, i need to update the mapping from the identity provider user type to the okta user type. I have access to the identity provider id. What is the best way to get the mapping id ? I was thinking the following steps

  • get the identity provider user profile type id using the user types api : api/v1/apps/<idp_id>/user/types
  • find the mapping id using the sourceId from the api result in the step above and the targetId as the okta user type id
  • update the mapping now using the mappings api

Is this the most efficient way? Or is there a better way?

Update : I now tried

  • find all mappings with sourceId as my idp id. in our case at least, it is only 1 mapping . api/v1/mappings?sourceId=
  • use the mapping id to do the update

I don’t think I can get the mapping ID directly without making the find mappings call. Is that correct?


Can you open a Support case for further assistance? You can either create one in the Help Center or email support@okta.com.

Thanks. I had opened up a support case from my okta org page. The person who helped me agreed that the newer solution I proposed above should be ok, and it does seem to work. Still testing, and will respond back on that ticket in case I have any issues.

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