Working with Identity Providers in API .../docs/refernce/api/idps

I am trying to programmatically define my companies integration with our own AD FS for our applications that are authenticated with Okta… We have worked through manual configuration, but going from that to the API for automation is challenging…

I cannot find or comprehend the api to manage the ‘mappings’ portion of what the UI calls profile and mappings.

There is the mappings api:
But connecting the dots is eluding me. This only speaks about application and user type mapping… it describes okta->app or app->okta mapping… is the idp the ‘app’ in this case like it was for the schemas api?

Where do expression language based mappings live?

I’d ask Okta Support if it’s even available. But how many IdP do you need to create? Maybe not worth the efforts, unless you are planning to roll it out to multiple tenants.

Yes, the intent is to enable it for our customers and their own AD FS systems.
Exposing Okta’s web ui is not an option.

Also, need reproducibility…

Maybe the terraform provider source has some knowledge.