User connects to Okta using SAML and OpenID Connect

Hi everyone,

I have two cases in okta for the same user , as below:

  • I have a user assigned to an application that was created using SAML method for authentication. This user was assigned a random password in Okta. The password never expires, and user does not need password to connect with this app.
  • The same user was assigned to other applications that were created using OpenID Connect method for authentication. The password expires and user needs to reset the password to connect with those apps, for okta authentication.


I am concern if this user will have any issue in PROD when connecting with both apps case 1 & 2 at the same time.

  • Are those passwords independent?
  • Can this user connect to OKTA with the app in case 1 and at the same time with the app in case without any issue?
  • In case the user changes the password in case 2, this is not going to affect the connection with the app in case 1?

I am wondering to know if somebody have experimented a situation explained in the above cases. If so, any issue with that? Very much appreciated your response, thanks.

Luisa M

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@LuisaM It sounds like you need a bridge connected btw SAML and OIDC? You can refer the below discussion and see if this helps.

Thank you Lijia for your response