Connect to Okta using OpenID and connect to Other SAML based Apps

Currently working on a POC to see if it is possible to connect to Okta from my application using the OpenId Connect protocol and then access other applications that are not using OpenId (e.g. SAML or WS-Fed) without having to sign in again or download a plugin.

My Flow:

  • Use my current .NET application to authenticate using Okta with the OpenID Connect protocol.
  • Have another application in the Okta dashboard that uses WS-Fed or SAML 2.0 that we are also able to access.

What we are trying to prove is even if we connect using OpenID or other protocol the Single Sign-On should work for another application that uses these other protocols without having the end user install the plugin.

Does anyone know if this is possible using Okta? Are there any tutorials or documentation that covers this issue? I have been unable to find anything thus far.