User ID not displayed in UI

I need customers to know the user IDs to link their users of our service with Okta.
As prescribed by the OpenID connect specs: Final: OpenID Connect Core 1.0 incorporating errata set 1
I can see that the user ID is part of the URL, e.g.:
and it is returned when using Okta’s API.
Why isn’t there also simply a field in the “View User” page that shows the ID?
This would be helpful for our customers.

You are correct that from the admin console when viewing a user the id will show up in the URL. I am not aware of any of our URLs showing the id when logged in as the user however (not the admin console). I also believe that all our APIs that return user id do require an API token tied to an Administrator with sufficient access.

Depending on your use case, if the user is logged into your OIDC application, the id would be available in the id_token minted by Okta.

Hello Benjamin,
There is a way a user could get their own id if they are logged in. While logged in visit the URL {{domain}}/api/v1/sessions/me, this will return among other things the userId. Note this does return as JSON.

Actually, I don’t need the users themselves to see their ID.
But for the admin I would expect a simple “ID” field in the “View User” page, like I see in other SSO platforms.