Get User ID through UI

I have a customer that uses Okta to manage their corporate user credentials, and I’m adding support for logging in through Okta to my app (using OpenID).

Having access to our product requires more setup than just successful authentication. Normally the admins create users in the system and specify a username and email address for them. To facilitate the SSO support, they want to be able to enter the necessary data to identify an Okta user during this initial setup process (before the user ever tries to log into our system).

It looks to me like they need to know a username AND a user ID for this to work through OpenID. I assume the admins can ask users for their username, or look it up in some directory. Is there a way for them to get the user ID? If there is some Okta management interface that displays this information that would be preferrable.

Hi @thelizardreborn

The user ID is displayed in the administrative panel’s URL when navigating to the user’s profile, for example


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Thanks! We will need to support other systems as well, so I still have some overall concerns about my approach, but it’s good to know that our Okta customers can get this information if they need it.