Forgot userId in OKTA

Does OKTA provide forgot userId flow in their sign in widget or is there any way to get the userId without the user logged into the application?


In most Okta Orgs the username is the same as the primary email address. The widget does have a password recovery flow where you supply an email address and if there is an account associated with it an email will be sent.

Otherwise you would have to implement this in your own management app where you make Okta Management API calls.

If a user does not know their username what attribute do plan on having them enter that you would search for?
Doing this could be considered a security issue where bad actors try to discover usernames.

Thank You

Hi Erik,

Thank you for the info. We have an implementation where users have a separate userId and in the profile we also get their email address while registration. But for login they use userId and password. So we wanted the user to enter their email address and based on this value we could send an email to the user with their userId.

So wanted to know if this can be achieved using any OKTA APIs or any recovery flow like security question since you mentioned it cannot be achieved using widget.


We just want to retrieve users id, so wanted to know if it can be done by security question, sending an email or any other flow.