User is not assigned to the client application okta

I have integrated okta into my application. I am not part of that application, when I try to login I am able to log in but it’s not redirecting to me the landing page. I want to show a message there. How to handle this.

I am using angular.

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Per OIDC spec, your application should be receiving this error at the provided redirect_uri. This error is not displayed within the IdP (Okta). Your app should be catching this specific error and showing the desired message within itself.

@andrea Can you link the OIDC spec you are referring to, please? This is the first I have heard of the IDP sending the error to the app on the redirect. I would have expected to see an Okta error page during the flow.

This also lists some common/defined error codes

Thank you, @andrea. This is very helpful.