Okta default hosted error page

I am trying to understand why error “user is not assigned to app” is not shown on default Okta error page but returned in query After redirect.
Default Okta error page is checked in Okta org settings.
From there I can see :
If end users try to access an app that has not been assigned to them, you can redirect them to the default Okta URL or to a custom URL.

@leced is this with a SAML or OIDC App?

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@sigama this is with OIDC app

Hi @leced - looks like this aligned with the OAuth spec here rfc6749. It’s expected that errors related to user access show up in the query on redirect.

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@sigama thanks for your answer

@leced @sigama
I have a similar issue with redirecting users in Okta OIDC , were you able to configure it. If so how as I don’t see error page configuration for OIDC application in Okta Admin console.